Short term advertising / graphic solution.  Banners may be the most popular form of advertising among people who use them for personal or commercial use.  Banners are used indoor or outdoor vibrant sign solution to draw attention or convey messages.  Advertising banners are a popularly used to make a big impression and announce special events or promotions. These banners generate excitement and high visibility. Advertising banners are cost effective and also easily stored and reusable for future use!

Banners will last up to 12 months outdoors. Typically, banners are not designed as a permanent outdoor solution.(Alternative outdoor solution would be a aluminum sign) Banners that are installed indoors can last up to 3 years.  

Banners are not intended for a long term sign solution.  They are generally used for marketing and promotions. (Example : Grand openings, Sales, types of events, etc.) 


Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners 13 oz weights in matte or gloss finishes.  Matte banners are best used in bright settings to avoid glare, whereas gloss banners are best  used to display bright and vibrant images/graphics.

Mesh Banner

Used for banners that will be placed out in open spaces like chain fences or iron gates.  Other uses also include between poles and not on any type of walls.  Designed to be weather resistant to strong winds. The mesh material allows wind to pass through instead of catching it like a parachute to prevent ripping or tearing.

Retractable Banner

Popular signage solution for trade shows, events and conferences.  The durability, portability and ease of use coupled with professional quality printing will make your event Our retractable banners include a carrying case that makes storage and travel simple.  Your retractable banner and metal stand will last for many years to come.